Business involves the study of commercial organisations in all their various forms. It encompasses everything from the smallest start-up to a global giant such as Google.

Students are introduced to the subject through the study of entrepreneurship, focusing on new and small businesses and the issues they face.

They then progress to look at the functional areas of larger businesses (Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Operations, and Human Resources). This then leads on to a more holistic view of large firms, considering broad strategic issues and matters of business performance. This progression equips students with a thorough appreciation of the nature of commercial organisations and a broad skillset that can be applied across a range of disciplines.

Business and Economics are not one and the same subject - the difference can be seen here.

Learning and Teaching

The focus of the department is very much on equipping students with the skills and resources they require to flourish at this level of study, and far beyond. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own work and develop a critical approach to the study of the subject. They are fully supported in this by their teachers and the wide array of resources available to them. Students will follow the AQA syllabus, which can be found here.

The Department

The subject is taught by: 

Mrs S Potter BA (part-time) -

Business has two dedicated classrooms and a departmental office.

Beyond A Level

The department is well-placed to support the students in their applications to study Business Management and related degrees. Students have access to a range of further reading material in the Mervyn Peake Library and are encouraged to discuss their plans with members of staff.

Co-Curricular Activities

Students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of subject-related activities in order to enrich their appreciation and understanding of the subject. These include public lectures, book reviews, a virtual share trading competition, and an active Economics and Business Society. The department has also organised a number of business visits in recent years to help the students engage with some of the more complex commercial issues they are presented with.