Disability and Admissions to Eltham College
Meeting the needs of the SEN and Disability Act 2001.

Admission to Eltham College is by selective, competitive examination. This is a permitted form of selection within the meaning of the Disability and Discrimination Act.

Pupils must meet standards which will enable them to benefit from the school’s educational standards and academic ethos. All entrants at 11+ are tested in Mathematics and English in addition to a Verbal Reasoning Test.

The school’s policy is to apply these criteria to all those who apply irrespective of any disability of which it is made aware.

Reasonable Adjustments

Reasonable adjustments are made to the examination procedures for all those who are identified as having a learning difficulty. Prospective parents are asked to identify their child’s disability or learning difficulty on the registration form and to provide evidence (in the form of a specialist assessor’s report or medical report) to qualify for an adjustment to the examination procedures. The adjustment will usually take the form of extra time for the Mathematics and English papers, but not the Verbal Reasoning Test as this would compromise its objectivity and meaning. It may also be possible to use a laptop for the English paper.


The site consists of a number of separate buildings of more than one storey and without lifts. As is common in most secondary schools, subjects are taught in fixed classrooms and in faculty areas. This requires pupils to move from classroom to classroom and frequently up and down steps or flights of stairs.

Parents of children with a marked physical disability should, therefore, note that reasonable adjustments cannot immediately be made to the accessibility of the buildings, and that major alterations would be prohibitively expensive, impractical and architecturally inappropriate. Nevertheless, in accordance with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001, the school has drawn up an Accessibility Plan which aims to improve, in the short, medium and long term, physical access to the buildings, access to the curriculum and the means of delivery of information.

Provision for those who meet Admissions Criteria

Parents who accept a place for pupils who successfully meet the selection criteria and who have registered a disability or learning difficulty will be invited to discuss their child’s needs in the term before they take up a place. Parents who have a cause for concern should contact Learning Support if they wish to discuss their concerns before September. Some pupils may need some additional tuition.