ISI Inspection Report

Headmaster VERY pleased with Inspection Report

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) visited Eltham College in March 2014. The then Headmaster, Mr Paul Henderson, commented on their findings:

I would urge you to read the report:  we are very pleased with the extremely positive view of the school and reassured that the Inspectors have identified so many excellent aspects of the school; it is particularly pleasing to read of the overwhelming support for and appreciation of the school by parents. In addition we are grateful for the Inspectorate’s recommendations and will respond positively to them (see my initial response below, which will be taken further by my successor, Mr Guy Sanderson).

When you read the report you may be surprised that there are few details about specific excellent areas of the school observed – for example, you will see almost no reference to our outstanding music and art programmes, or our success in many sports. Perhaps this is a missed opportunity, but rather typical of inspection reports as a whole. Finally the Reporting Inspector did compliment Eltham College for having “a real sense of mission” and “a genuine community spirit”: unfortunately she was not able to include these remarks due to the word count.

Mr Henderson retired as planned in the summer of 2014 and our new Headmaster, Mr Guy Sanderson, would be pleased to discuss any aspect of the report with parents or prospective parents.


Previous Reports

Previous Inspection reports are available on request from the Headmaster’s office.  Please email Mrs Lorraine Range who will be able to assist.