Junior School Nurse

As well as the White House, the Junior School also has its own medical room.  

Junior School Medical Room

There is have a dedicated registered nurse, Mrs A Brooke RN/RscN, based in the Junior School from 10am-3pm Monday to Thursday. In addition, the Senior School Nurse or her assistant is on site until 5pm.

Mrs T Shea, the Junior School Secretary, is also a qualified first aider and will deal with incidences if the need arises.

Children who are involved in accidents or taken ill at school are referred to the first aid room where the extent of their injuries or severity of their illness is quickly assessed by our Junior School Nurse. Any treatment required is provided in our first aid room; this area ensures the children have somewhere quiet to rest if necessary. The nurse also aims to provide a supportive role to promote the pupils psychological well-being.

Note: All medication that needs to be brought into or kept at school should be in its original packaging; clearly labelled with the pupil’s name and full instructions for use and handed into the office for safe keeping. Our Junior School Nurse or a nominated first aider will administer the medication if a request is made in writing stipulating the dose, the time, your child’s name and the duration of the treatment. If we do not have your written permission, we will not be able to administer your child’s medication.

To download the Permission to Give Medicines form, please choose either Microsoft Word version or printable PDF.

To download the Junior School Medical Form, please choose either Microsoft Word version or printable PDF.

How to contact the Junior School Medical Room

Telephone: 020 8857 3457
Mrs A Brooke amb@eltham-college.org.uk
Mrs T Shea ts@eltham-college.org.uk
Mrs C Cartwright cc@eltham-college.org.uk  

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