Junior School Uniform


All uniform and sportswear can be purchased from the school supplier, Stevensons www.stevensons.co.uk.

School blazer with sewn-in badge as supplied by Stevensons.

Eltham College pullover as supplied by Stevensons.

Shorts - Junior School boys are expected to wear plain mid-grey shorts with Eltham College knee high socks (available from Stevensons). Many parents find that shorts are highly practical for active, growing boys.

Trousers - during colder weather between the October half term and Easter, any Junior School boy may wear grey trousers. To reflect their greater maturity, Year 6 boys may wear trousers all year round if they wish. Socks under trousers must be plain grey, navy blue or black (not white or pale, no patterns).

Shirt - white (short sleeves if desired). Please note: No T shirts with loud or visible motifs or lettering to be worn beneath the regulation shirts.

Shoes - plain black leather (no canvas, no suede, no cord, no trainers, no metal attachments, no industrial style, no boots). Black laces only and must be kept clean.

Tie - striped Junior School tie as supplied by Stevensons.

School Bag – school bags should be navy or black without large, colourful logos. An optional Eltham College school backpack is available from Stevensons.

Badges (metal lapel badges and other insignia) - only prefects or other specifically authorised (by the Master) badges are allowed.

Jewellery - no jewellery of any sort is allowed.

Hair should not be dyed, highlighted or unnaturally coloured, and should be tidy and not unacceptably long (cut above the collar) or excessively short. 


PE Kit

Eltham College items as supplied by Stevensons: Cream cricket/PE shirt, white shorts

Additional required items: white socks, trainers, navy fitted “jammer” swim shorts, goggles and towel.

Games kit

Eltham College items as supplied by Stevensons: Junior reversible games shirt (house colour inside), rugby shorts, games socks, tracksuit top and tracksuit trousers

Additional required items: Rugby boots (grass), trainers

Additional items of sports kit are available but are not compulsory including an Eltham College hoody for colder days. Stevensons also hold stock of useful sports accessory items including baselayers (white long-sleeved tees, navy baselayer shorts and/or leggings), sports kit bags and hats.

If your son is selected for a cricket team in Year 5 or 6 he will need Eltham College cricket whites (trousers) and either a sleeveless or long-sleeved cricket jumper (as supplied by Stevensons). Please wait to be advised whether this is required.


Outdoor wear must be coloured plain dark navy blue or grey. Raincoats, overcoats, trench and duffle coats, anoraks and cagoules are permitted, providing they are clean and in good order. These must have no plastic or leather patches, no tabs or brass buttons, and the lining must be unobtrusive.  A navy school coat is available from Stevensons.

Cyclists may wear on their way to school suitable protective clothing over their uniform, including fluorescent bands, but must, of course, wear their uniform into school buildings.

Scarves must be plain navy or black. Dark coloured gloves.  Coats, gloves and scarves are for outdoor wear only.


The Parent-Teacher Association organise a second-hand clothing sale on the first Thursday of every month throughout the academic year where school uniform (including dinner jackets) may be bought and sold. Please note that the standard College brand has been updated and new items are available to parents for the first time from the summer of 2017.


Games shirts will need to be bought in House colours:

Carey – blue

Chalmers – red

Livingstone – green

Moffat – yellow