Learning at Eltham College
Learning is fundamental to what we do at Eltham College and the experience of learning that your child has with us is paramount.

How can we support, encourage and create opportunities for your child to embrace the challenge of learning? We look to develop our pupils in many different ways:

  • Building resilience: This is crucial as we all face aspects of our learning that we find more challenging than others. Being able to persevere when experiencing difficulties, frustrations and struggles is a key skill. To develop the understanding that situations change and improve is powerful, even for us as adults.
  • Developing the ability to communicate effectively:  This can be in the form of collaboration with peers; listening and being able to empathise with another point of view; or through presentations and understanding how they are able to articulate thoughts and ideas.Being resourceful: In today’s world this is vitally important.
  • Knowing where to find information and being able to evaluate the veracity and accuracy of it is fundamental. Being able to make links between ideas and asking questions to further understanding, helps to create a bigger picture (and more interest) in what is being learnt.

Exams are also a part of school life and to many the preparation for them can pose its own challenges. We take a long term view of this process at Eltham College.  We encourage planning and reflecting on learning as we progress through the year, consideration of how that learning will be recalled, and review progress at appropriate points.

We encourage our teachers to be lifelong learners too! We believe that teachers should keep their practice fine-tuned so that their teaching and interaction with our pupils remains fresh and relevant. We can always be better.

Above all, we want your child’s learning experience to be enjoyable, interesting and inspiring. After all, it is the ability to learn, to be flexible and to adapt to new situations that will stay with pupils, long after they have forgotten how to use simultaneous equations or balance a chemical equation.