No Strings Attached
No Strings Attached is an opportunity for your son to try out an instrument for five weeks, free of charge, with free instrument hire, to get a feel for whether it is the right instrument for him.

NoStringsAttachedIn Year 3, boys can take up a String instrument. In Year 4 Brass and Woodwind instruments are on offer.

The boys attend a concert in which they hear the instruments being played together as well as individually. They then have the opportunity to have a go at playing each instrument to help them decide which they would like to study.

NoStringsAttachedAt the end of the five week period, the boys stage a concert to demonstrate their achievements and parents are invited to join us for this event. 

After No Strings Attached, pupils can either continue with lessons on a one to one basis or as the name suggests, end lessons at this point.


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