Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Over thirty visiting music teachers (VMTs) come to Eltham College each week to give individual instrumental/vocal lessons. Please see the full list here.

Any pupil who wishes to take individual lessons as part of the school day is able to: over 60% of Elthamians learn at least one instrument. Lessons at school take place on a rotating basis during timetabled hours or, in the case of Sixth formers, during Private Study periods.

Performing with other musicians is a vital part of being an instrumentalist and as such all pupils learning instruments are invited to perform in school ensembles. Regular attendance at rehearsals is expected since this will enhance the pupils' progress on their instruments.

Application forms for instrumental tuition at the School are available here:
Lesson Application Form
Theory Application Form

All enquiries about tuition should go to Miss J. Jerome, Music Secretary (