Philosophy, Aims and Practice
Eltham College Junior School is committed to academic excellence and this underpins our philosophy and practices. We believe that the values that inform our other activities, reinforce our academic ones. 


Philosophy diagram


  • Academic enquiry should be fun, stimulating and sow the seeds of a lifelong interest in the pursuit of knowledge. Pupils should become increasingly independent learners, acquiring a range of relevant skills to facilitate their learning. A focus on learning and the learner is at the heart of the process. Hard work, perseverance, adaptability, co operation all facilitate learning.


  • The pupils are set high standards, both in terms of the nature and pace of the work in general and their own individual performance.


  • The curriculum is designed to be challenging. Maths is taught one year ahead of the National Curriculum, Mandarin is the main modern foreign language and in English, all pupils tackle a challenging classic novel. Across the curriculum teachers are always looking to challenge and stretch the pupils.


Practice diagram


  • A selective school: All boys at Eltham College Junior School have had to pass a competitive entrance exam. This ensures that we are able to work at levels and at a pace beyond the nationally expected norms.


  • Facilities: As well as the excellent and extensive grounds and facilities in the Junior School, we have regular access to other resources located at the Senior School, notably the Sports Hall and Swimming Pool, Gerald Moore Art Gallery and computer rooms.
  • Resources: Classrooms are well equipped and departments appropriately funded. Recent move to laptops to deliver computing across the curriculum.
  • Specialism: There are dedicated teaching rooms for Music, Art and Science with specialist teachers.


  • Displays of pupils work across the school and celebration of academic achievement through certificates, competitions and prizes.


  • Baseline data from Year 3 tests, and annual exam results supplemented by half termly tests and grade cards, allow the tracking both of cohorts and individual pupils.
  • Programme for gifted and talented pupils.
  • Support for individual pupils.

Academic and broader school life

School life diagram

The values that underpin all life at the school are reinforced in their different spheres.

Dedication in practising a musical instrument, co operation in a sports team, learning lines for a play, working to promote environmental awareness, are all skills and attitudes that are hugely beneficial in the academic area. A sense of fun, enthusiasm and a respect for others are the hallmarks of the pupil experience.