Senior School Sport
The core sports at Eltham College Senior School are Rugby in Michaelmas Term, Hockey in Lent Term and Cricket in the Summer Term. 

Taking the attitude that a fit person is a mentally alert person, the PE department, through its Games options, is seeking to:

  • encourage good health and fitness for life

  • provide sensible recreation to accommodate the widest possible range of ability and interest

  • offer participation in the physical activities of the pupil's choice in the hope that interest engendered will carry over into post-school life. To cease to be active at any time is usually a mistake later regretted.

Years 7 to 9

Physical Education (PE)

Pupils have a double PE lesson each week in Years 7 and 8. The activities covered in these two years are Swimming, Gymnastics, Invasion Games, Basketball, SAQ and Athletics. Classes are streamed according to their swimming ability because swimming is judged to be the most difficult activity to teach with a wide variation in abilities.

The pupils follow a half termly activity carousel of the activities and those pupils who are not confident in the pool benefit from a second course of swimming lessons. At various stages through the year, pupils are cardio vascular endurance is tested in the form of a 3km run and an eight length timed swim.


Each year group has one afternoon of games per week and the school teams have one practice after school on an appropriate night. The boys are streamed according to their ability in any given activity. The pupils will have the opportunity to play rugby, hockey, cricket, tennis and softball during their games afternoon. There are also athletics and tennis matches in the summer term.

Years 10 to 11

In Year 10 the emphasis in PE and Games classes changes from skills teaching towards educating for later life and allows pupils a choice of a wider range of activities. This begins with instruction in weight training, as part of the Health Related Fitness Course, so that pupils will be able to use the facilities available in the Eric Liddell Sports Centre.

During Games afternoons pupils participate in rugby, hockey, soccer and sailing in the winter, and cricket, athletics, softball and tennis in the summer. There is also a less able group who participate in a variety of activities aimed at improving their fitness and co-ordination.

This pattern, with the exception of athletics and sailing, continues in Year 11 when pupils join the Sixth Form for Senior Games afternoons on a Wednesday.

Table of Activities for each Year Group


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11










Cross Country






Health related fitness (inc weight training)












Table Tennis






In addition to the timetabled PE and Games options, there are co-curricular clubs for the core sports as well as a selection of additional sports including Fencing and Water Polo. Click here for more details about Sport at Eltham College.

sport Kit

Stevensons are the official suppliers of the Eltham College PE Kit.  This can be purchased on their bespoke website which details compulsory and optional items.


Scholarships are available to help boys of outstanding sporting potential to develop their sport while studying at Eltham College. The scholarships are awarded to boys who can fullfil the normal academic requirements for entry into the school and who have performed, or shown the potential to perform, at a high level in their chosen sport. The awards can provide up to 50% fees remission and are reviewed biennially.


Eltham College has almost 70 acres of playing fields with three Pavilions and Changing Rooms. The Eric Liddell Sports Centre houses the Sports Hall, a 25m six-lane Swimming Pool, a Dance Studio and a Fitness Suite/Conditioning Room.

For a virtual tour of our Sports Facilities please click here.