The single most important quality for a senior executive is the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly. I can think of no better way to learn these skills than by the study of Classics.
Sir Anthony Cleaver, former chair of IBM and Head of UK Atomic Energy Authority.
Both experience and observation convince me that the study of the Classics forms an excellent basis for all sorts of careers.
Sir Jeremy Morse, ex- Chairman Lloyds Bank
There is no subject that opens up a wider range of skills and pleasures than a knowledge of the Classics.
Angela Lambert, journalist with the Independent.

The Classics Department

The Classics department believes that the benefits to be gained from the study of Classical languages, literature and culture; in understanding the origins of our civilisation and improving proficiency in the use of our own and other languages, are invaluable.

By studying an inflected language, one that is a base for many others, the transferable skills of communication and analytical thinking are developed and enhanced. Such skills are held in high regard by universities and employers.


In the Sixth Form the OCR syllabus is followed through to Latin AS and A level, which provides a good balance of language, literature and history.

Trips and Enrichment

  • Classics TripBeginners' Greek is available outside the timetable to interested pupils

  • There is the option to attend a residential summer school

  • The department arranges visits to sites of classical interest in Britain and abroad, e.g. to Bath, British Museum, Rome, Pompeii

  • Visits are organised to classical conferences, courses and plays

  • There is also a Classics Club, which meets to engage in activities such as sampling Roman food, learning ancient Greek and playing computer role-play games.

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Classics is taught at A level by: