Community Service
Our Lower Sixth Formers work really hard throughout the year to give something back to the community surrounding Eltham College. They show a great amount of commitment and their efforts are widely appreciated among the local community year on year.

All community service projects are varied, from bringing the community together with Music and Art, to physically helping with manual labour and repairs, to mentoring GCSE pupils at local state schools, to supporting nearby charity shops and care homes.

We hold an annual Senior Citizens' party where we are joined in our summer marquee by over 150 guests who enjoy an afternoon of music and cakes as well as a general knowledge quiz. Primary Schools are invited onsite for a party day with various organised activities and games.

We are able to make good use of Gerald Moore Gallery by inviting local primary school children for art-based workshops and some of our talented musicians perform several concerts to various retirement homes throughout the year.

Please see the blog entries below to read pupil accounts of the programme: