The school has 4 houses: these are named, in keeping with the school's heritage, after 4 missionaries, Carey (blue), Chalmers (red), Moffat (yellow) and Livingstone (green). The house system promotes a healthy competitive spirit amongst the students at Eltham College as they compete in a year round programme of events - both academic, athletic and artistic.

Senior students play major roles in organising events, often co ordinating year groups across the whole school. All students develop a strong loyalty to their House and the inner community it provides.


Updated: July 2015 - Final Results
Winners: Chalmers
(Section winners in bold)

  Carey Chalmers Moffat


Juniors 234 436 422 529
Middles 443 529 404 304
Seniors 498 652 499 452
Open 171 266 221 262
Total 1345 1882 1546 1547

Events include:

  • Athletics

  • Badminton

  • Chess

  • Cricket

  • Cross Country

  • Debating

  • Football

  • Netball

  • Rugby

  • Singing

  • Swimming

  • 'Top of the Form'

  • Tug of War

  • Strongest Boy

Many members of staff are involved in running the competition. Mr D Grinstead is Head of Day Houses and is assisted by staff which run each house:


Mr D Cotterill

Mr R Booth

Mr J Chesterton

Mrs C Hobbs

Mr K Hughes

Mr T Mitchell

Mrs A Richards


Mr D Grinstead

Mr M Wearn

Mr D Boudon

Mr D Boydell

Ms E Brass

Dr J Hill

Mr P Ormanczyk



Mr M Chesterton

Mr J Willatt

Mr J Batty

Mr P Cheshire

Mrs K Evans

Mrs R Gordon

Mr M Hamblin

Mr NR Miller

Mr S Milne

Mr E Thorogood

Miss H Wilson


Mr J Baldwin

Mr M Gennari

Mrs H Clough

Mr J Crowley

Ms E Haste

Mr N Levy

Miss M Mateos

Mr NWE Miller

Dr F Morris

Mr B Pollard

Miss L Scarantino

Mr E Wright

Winners since 2000:

2015 Chalmers
2014 Moffat
2013 Chalmers
2012 Chalmers
2011 Chalmers
2010 Chalmers
2009 Carey
2008 Carey
2007 Carey
2006 Chalmers
2005 Chalmers
2004 Chalmers
2003 Chalmers
2002 Livingstone
2001 Chalmers
2000 Moffat