Modern Languages Overview

Aims of the Modern Language A Level courses

  • To teach you to speak and think confidently in a foreign language.

  • To train you in a lifelong practical skill which is highly valued by employers.

  • To teach you to organise your thoughts and to present yourself with self-assurance and determination.

  • To provide a closer understanding of other countries and an insight into how they think.

  • To introduce you to the nations' politics, literature, cinema and history.

  • To deliver an A level course which can be studied at a top university (in conjunction with another subject).

The Teaching

At home

For French, German and Spanish, you will have eight lessons per week taught in excellent sized groups by two classroom teachers. In addition, you will have an individual additional lesson per week with a native speaker to prepare you for the conversation module.

We have followed the A level AQA syllabus for several years. Full details of the syllabus content can be read here.

A level Chinese is currently only offered to native Chinese pupils who wish to study it as an additional subject off timetable.

Modern Languages SocietIES

Under the banner of the Modern Languages Society, the individual languages organise an extensive programme of cultural activities in London.


A period of time abroad is a key feature of the our Sixth Form languages programme. The trips vary from year to year. 



For more information please see our individual subject pages.