A level Music allows our pupils to be creative, independent intellectuals who are able to articulate their ideas with confidence, write with style and flair, understand historical and social contexts of the music they study and perform and make informed, exciting choices about composition.

An enormously well-respected subject, the study of Music requires an analytical mind (perhaps with a strong understanding for Mathematics), a creative spark, a maturity and motivation to practice and compose, a discipline to approach wider reading and listening and a fluent writing style. It is for this reason that in the past three years over half of our Sixth Form Musicians (with approximately six pupils minimum per year studying the subject) have gone onto study the subject at top universities including Oxford and Cambridge, Bristol and Nottingham, as well as the Royal College and Royal Academy of Music. Although it is not strictly necessary to have taken a GCSE in Music, students embarking on the A level course should have a sound basis in music theory, ideally having taken the Grade 5 Associated Board examination, and be proficient in performing instrumental or vocal music. Other pupils in the group have gone onto study Sciences, Mathematics, Medicine, Languages and the Humanities, showing the depth and range of individual that pursues this subject. Music is our passion: if it is yours too, we would love to support you in your A level studies.

Music at AS Level (Lower Sixth Students)

The young musicians that study music at AS level explore an enriching and stimulating course, that further develops the skills they gain at GCSE level. By the end of the year our pupils have developed a more profound understanding of musical harmony and analysis, are producing complex compositions informed by a wide range of listening and performing experiences, and give outstanding performances. Pupils continue with the Edexcel examination board and the three main elements of Performance (30% of the overall AS mark), Composition (30%) and History/Listening (40%) act as a basis to develop the talents of our pupils.

Music at A2 Level (Upper Sixth Students)

The ethos we hope to instill in our pupils from Year 7 should now be embedded in the musicians who study at this level. Our pupils conclude the Edexcel GCE course with its three main elements of Performance (30% of the overall A2 mark), Composition (30%) and History/Listening (40%), and should leave Eltham College as musicologists, eager to continue to develop their love of the subject.


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