The penalty for refusing to participate in politics is to be governed by your inferiors.

Ed BallsWhile much has changed since Plato established the study of Politics in his Academy, much of what he had to say on this particular subject rings as true now as it did in Ancient Greece. Institutions, ideologies and governments may change but people remain the same and the rules governing behaviour have evolved little; we may understand them better but fundamentally we are driven by much the same needs, aspirations and ambitions that fuelled public conduct in Athens, Rome and every great empire subsequently.

Politics by itself cannot hope to answer all the questions we have regarding human behaviour but it can help to explain the way in which the forces behind progress - or even regression - evolve from ideas to policy to the laws that we all must follow and obey.

Department Aims

The Politics (or Government and Politics by its full name) Department at Eltham College strives to fulfil two key objectives: first, to ensure wherever possible academic success and excellence as measured by examination results and second, to turn out politically sophisticated and articulate young men and women who, through informed participation in the democratic process, are in a position to make a material contribution to public life. In the course of this, Eltham College may or may not produce many career politicians but the intent is that at the very least this school will help create citizens who will jealously guard their political sovereignty and ensure that politicians do what they are supposed to and do not do what they should not.

The Course

The specification taught is the Edexcel Government and Politics Course (8GP01 and 9GP01). A visit to the Houses of Parliament and other such institutions takes place throughout the year and is instrumental in the People to People ambassadorial programme.

Trips and Enrichment

The Politics Society meets regularly to hear visiting speakers and to take trips to appropriate venues like the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court.


Politics is taught by: