The Eltham College Ethos
Eltham College is the ideal size for each child to be known and valued, giving real meaning to that much overused term - a caring community. At the same time we also provide our pupils with a huge range of opportunities whether it is in the classroom, on the sports field or in the Arts.

Eltham College is a school rich in history, variety, vitality and care; we are proud of our Christian heritage which originated with the provision of education for the sons of missionaries. Eltham College is unique in that its Christian foundation has created a school with strong values. Personal integrity, a sense of respect for self and the needs of others are essential elements of the ethos at the school.

Throughout its history, students from Eltham College have been recognised for their scholarship and commitment to serving others; they have gone on to give leadership and service in many areas beyond school life.

Team work between parents and school is essential for the effective development of every child's education. Regular contact between the teachers and parents is encouraged, and the strength of the PTA, who organise activities throughout the year, reflects the feeling that everyone is part of one big family.

By encouraging enthusiastic, enquiring and informed minds, we hope to allow each individual pupil to develop their own strengths and talents.

Eltham College is a school which is 'large enough to excel but small enough to care' (The Independent School Guide).