Welcome to Mervyn Peake Library

The Library is overseen by Mrs Roche, a Chartered Librarian, and Mrs Angel, the Assistant Librarian.

The Library is the buzzing heart of the College, and is usually full of pupils at any time of day. From 8.00am when the Librarian opens the doors before school, to 5.30pm when they close an hour after school, you will always find students in the library. Students will be reading, working on computers, using books for information, working alone or collaboratively, revising, using the wireless to power their own devices or the library iPads – there is a lot going on in here! During lesson times the Library is a quiet area to be – from the silent study area for the Sixth Form on the top deck, to the computer area where quiet discussion is allowed, to the reading area on the bottom floor where students can sit and discuss books. There is often a buzz when classes come in to borrow books, and the Librarian is available for help and consultation on a range of subjects from which books to read next to which resources to choose for your essay. Outside of lesson times the library is livelier – it is always a happy atmosphere in here.

The Librarian seeks to enable students to access the curriculum by providing resources in the form of books, eBooks, online encyclopaedias, DVDs, journals, magazines and newspapers. Reading for pleasure is also extensively catered for, with a large fiction library for the Sixth Form upstairs, and the rest of the College downstairs. The eBook is a new innovation, and a selection have been carefully chosen by the Librarian to be of especial benefit to students from Year 10 upwards. The eBook library allows students to access resources on a 24-hour basis; thus allowing resources to be available whenever, and wherever the student needs to access them. The resources are available on their computers, netbooks, tablets or phones. The Library Catalogue is also now accessible online and via an app so that students can quickly find out if the resources they need are held in the library, and if so, reserve them to pick up at their convenience. In addition there are several online encyclopaedias and databases which are accessible in to students inside or outside of the College via this website.

Mrs Roche and Mrs Angel, in collaboration with the English Department, invite authors, poets, illustrators and other relevant guests to visit the College through the year to add another interesting dimension to what Mervyn Peake Library can offer.

The College also provides a Virtual Library of additional resources for current students and parents which includes eBooks, Journals, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and the Library Catalogue. An Oxbridge reading list is published yearly in collaboration with Heads of Department.

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The Library is on Twitter: @ElthamCollLib