Transition to the Senior School
At Eltham College we work hard to ensure that the transition from Junior School to Senior school is as fluent and stress free as we can make it.

The Process

Pupils enter the Junior School in Year 3 (aged 7+) following an assessment. Thereafter it is anticipated that pupils will transfer into the Senior School without the need to sit an Entrance exam. The judgement of the staff about the standard of their work and their attitude to study throughout their time in the Junior School, along with evidence from the various end of unit and end of year assessments they sit and also their contribution to wider school life and the community, will be the determining factors in making the decision about transfer.

Any pupils who at any stage are not making the expected progress through the Junior School will be offered extra support.

The Benefits

Having made the transfer to Eltham College Junior School aged seven, there is no longer any need to worry about moving school at age 11.

Furthermore, pupils in the Junior School are in a strong position when it comes to the awarding of academic scholarships. Although these are assessed against a set of objective criteria for both internal and external candidates, academic awards for Junior School pupils reflect our knowledge of the boys over two years and are given on the same age adjusted basis as all other awards in September.

The removal of the entrance exam frees up the curriculum in Year 6 and allows time for a wider range of activities. instead of having to prepare pupils for entrance papers, there is greater emphasis on a seamless transfer to Senior School. To this end, pupils engage in co-operative projects with Year 7 pupils and have more taster lessons in the Senior School as well as getting to know many of the Senior School teachers whom they will encounter the following year. Our aim is to ensure that the transfer to Senior School is not daunting or difficult for boys in the Junior School.

The Junior School and Senior School share the same foundation and ethos, and the values that are being encouraged in younger pupils are the same ones that exist in the Senior School.


In addition to the excellent resources at the Junior School, there are other facilities in the Senior School which are used extensively by the Junior School pupils. Most notable are the The Eric Liddell Sports Centre, The Gerald Moore Gallery, Antony Barnard Hall, and King George’s Hall, as well as the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and the all-weather hockey pitch.  

Staff are of course a crucial resource and many teachers work in both the Junior School and the Senior School.


Eltham College Senior School is one of England’s top independent schools. Attending Eltham College Junior School provides not only the best route into it but also provides the best preparation for joining it. 

Transition Activities 2016-2017