Welcome to the Senior School
Elthamians are characterised by their intelligence, energy, good humour, ambition and genuine enthusiasm.

Deputy Head (pupils), John Cooper

As a school we endeavour to harness the extraordinary abilities of our pupils. We steer them in the right directions and give every single pupil the confidence to achieve their dreams, both within and beyond the confines of the classroom. Most importantly, we are proud of the diverse range of backgrounds and personalities that our pupils bring to make Eltham College such an exciting place in which to learn.

Our Christian foundation means that pupils naturally pick up values of respect, tolerance and a sense of community that lasts long after they leave our Sixth Form.

We very much hope that they go on to become confident and happy members of society who have the capacity and will to contribute much to the well-being of both themselves and others.

For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact the Registrar.

John Cooper

Deputy Head