In increasingly unstable economic times, Germany possesses the largest economy in the European Union and the third largest economy in the world. It continues to bail out weaker European states.

Knowledge of German will give you a competitive advantage and it will help you to understand not just the words our German neighbours speak, but how they think.

Beyond the obvious advantages of being able to trade in the mother tongue of our closest and strongest economic partner and communicating with the 100 million plus German speakers worldwide, German is an extremely useful language to learn because its similarities to English make it surprisingly straightforward.

Every student at Eltham College will have the opportunity to learn German from Year 7, with the possibility of continuing to GCSE and beyond. On average, more than a third of the year group opt for German as their GCSE language.


Students choosing to study German in Year 7 or Year 8 have three periods a week of lessons. They can then continue German in Year 9.

Trips, activities and clubs

  • In Year 10 there is an exchange to the Besselgymnasium in Minden (near Hannover) which has been running for over thirty years.
  • In Year 11 there is a cultural trip to Berlin where the boys see some of the history and culture of the city.
  • There are trips to London cinemas and film festivals (recent screenings include Die Welle at the Odeon Covent Garden).
  • The department is exceptionally well-resourced, with a library of some 50 modern German films and student access to the full range of AQA material via kerboodle online.


  • Ms A Kimmerle MA PGCE (Head of German)
  • Ms B Martin BA PGCE
  • Mr F Meier MA (Assistant Head – Head of Lower School)
  • Miss A Gerber (Language Assistant)