Berlin Trip

On the first weekend of the Easter holidays, 12 German students from Year 11 to 13 set off for what would prove to be a highly interesting and entertaining three day trip to Berlin.

After a very early start, we arrived in the German capital at around 11am and checked into our hotel. We then embarked on a tour of the city with our very enthusiastic and somewhat overly exuberant tour guide Bernd, who made the city much more entertaining than it would otherwise have been! We were given a whistle-stop tour of the main sights, including the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and the Currywurst Museum! After this we had dinner in a Turkish Restaurant. The cinema was next on the agenda, where we were treated to the film: ‘Zwei Herren im Anzug’, which left even Herr Meier slightly baffled.

The next morning, we took the underground to the Bernauer Straße Wall Memorial, a piece of preserved Berlin Wall complete with watchtowers and the so called ‘death strip’. (The piece of land in the middle of the two main walls, where most would- be escapees met their end by east German border guards). After this we took the tram to the Reichstag building. This building, famously damaged by fire in 1933, has been the seat of the German parliament, the Bundestag, since 1999, after extensive restoration work carried out by the British architect Norman Foster. We then walked down to the Cathedral, where we were given some free time to have lunch (A sausage, of course!) and time to enjoy the sunny weather. After this we visited the GDR museum, which provided an interesting angle on the life in this highly mysterious country. After this we went to circus – cabaret – theatre performance, which was nothing but astonishing. We had dinner afterwards, in a Bavarian beer hall, which had all of the Oktoberfest clichés on offer.

Our final day was just as packed full as the others had been. The first thing we did was ascend the Fernsehturm, a huge TV tower finished in 1969 by the East German government. It was built to try to show the power that East Germany had, in their ideological war with the West. It is 203 metres high with spectacular views of the city. We then took the underground to the Kurfurstendamm area, the main shopping district of the city, where we were given some free time. Our group took the time to sample typical Berlin delicacy: the Döner Kebab. (It is said there are more Döner Kebab shops in Berlin than there are in Istanbul!) After this, we went back to the hotel to collect our luggage before heading to the Airport. Huge thanks to Miss Kimmerle and Mr Meier for organising the trip and putting up with us for three days!