Year 10 Student Charlie Golf Success

Over the past few months, Year 10 student, Charlie has had a successful succession of golf tournaments.

He has captained the Kent Under 14 team for four matches. They won a triangular tournament against Sussex and Essex then met Surrey in the regional final. Charlie himself played well and won five out of his seven matches.

He competed in many large tournaments over the summer. In the England Golf Under 14 competition he came 38th out of 144 boys and in the Scottish Under 14 he came 48th. In the Douglas Johns Under 15 tournament, he came 28th. He has played some Junior Open tournaments, and his best finishes were third at Princes and second at Littlestone.

After all of this tournament experience, Charlie’s handicap has dropped to as low as 2.3. This means he will be able to enter major Under 16 tournaments next Summer.