Cern Trip 2019

Over the October half term 23 Upper Sixth Physics students travelled to Geneva for three days, to visit the world’s largest scientific experiment that is CERN.

With the Large Hadron Collider beam down for scheduled upgrading, the timing could not have been more perfect as we had the opportunity to travel the 100m down to the beamline and see inside CMS, one of the four main experiments currently on the 27km ring. The complexity of the Engineering required to build and maintain such an enterprise was not lost on the students as they toured the site in hard hats. The lectures they heard, combined with seeing the work done by resident researchers put their understanding of particle Physics completely in context.

No visit to Geneva would be complete without a visit to the United Nations, situated on the original site of the League of Nations building. We toured the General Assembly hall and the Security Council and Human Rights chambers, again helping us to understand the role of the UN and seeing it in person.