Overview of Clubs

Art Club  

Art Club takes place in Eltham College’s very own gallery “The Gerald Moore Gallery.” And is led by members of the gallery staff and our artist in residence. Over the course of the term students will be introduced to a variety of media and techniques enabling them to gain confidence and experience with a wide range of artistic experiences.  


Basketball Club is run by Jermain Johnson-Douglas from London Thunder Basketball ClubThe club is open to all students regardless of experience. In each basketball session the three fundamental skills are taught and regularly reinforced: dribbling, passing and shooting. At the end of the year each child should be able to; dribble with both hands, do the basic passes and be able to shoot layups on both sides of the basket.  

Book Club  

Book Club is run by our own Director of Studies Mrs Nicki Devon. The club is open to both Year 6 and 7 students and takes place weekly in the Senior School. Over the course of a half term students discuss a text looking at key themes, characters and plots. Comparisons are made between texts with parallels being identified and discussed. A variety of genres and authors are studied allowing everyone to read and enjoy both some challenging and more simple stories and discuss their thoughts with their peers.  


Chess Club is run by Mr Laurence Ball and his team of experienced chess players and coaches. It is open to players of all abilities from absolute beginners to budding Grandmasters! Students are divided into groups, based upon their experience, where they are then taught skills and match play techniques relative to their abilities. An internal chess competition is held as well as there being opportunities for some of the students to play in local and National competitions where traditionally we have performed very well.  

Coding Club  

Coding club is run by our own Miss Reed. This is an opportunity for children to explore how to use, and develop, their coding skills in a fun and friendly environment. They will be given the opportunity to explore a range of coding programmes as well as take part in some physical computing projects. By working in groups, they will be encouraged to take ownership of each project to help develop their computational thinking skills and independence.  

Cookery Club  

Cookery Club is run by the catering team that provides our excellent lunches on a daily basis. Members of the club are taken down to the kitchens where they participate in an hour session of chef led food preparation in a fun environment to introduce basic cookery skills and to gain a shared understanding for food nutrition through discussion and practical learning.  

Drama Club  

Drama Club is run by Mr Michael Schilling and it is open to all students, regardless of experience. Sessions concentrate on workshop based drama, including mime, improvisation and stage technique. Activities include voice, listening and self-awareness exercises, drama games, character building and body control, developing skills in individual and group presentation, directing, stage craft, the use of props and critical evaluation.  

The ongoing aim is for everyone to enjoy participating, gain in confidence, make choices and be comfortable presenting themselves to fellow actors and to others, outside of the club, in both social and formal situations. Parents and carers are very welcome to join us towards the end of each workshop to observe our creativity.  

Fencing Club 

Fencing Club is run by Mr Silviu Serban who has been teaching fencing at Eltham since 2015. Fencing provides all age groups with an opportunity to learn and practice the sport of fencing, as well as providing opportunities to compete in formal and informal tournaments.  

The beginners’ classes cover the main aspects of fencing and are ideal for students with no previous knowledge of the sport. The participants are introduced to fencing rules, traditions, techniques and tactics. While learning the types of attack and defence fencers exercise in pairs or with the coach. Acquired skills are practised further during the free fencing bouts. By the end of the term the participants should have acquired general knowledge of the sport and feel competent to bout with the more experienced fencers.  

The intermediate classes are for those with previous experience of the sport either at Eltham or in external clubs.  

Fencing can develop technique, tactics, balance, co-ordination, speed and precise timing.  

Hockey Club  

Hockey Club is for those who are new to the sport, or students who wish to improve their skills and tactics of the game.  

Students will be taught: 

  • to pass using a variety of techniques (push pass, slap and hit.)  
  • to dribble on their open stick and Indian dribbling.  
  • how to tackle safely and effectively.  
  • basic positional elements of the game and match tactics.  

Horse Riding  

Approximately £35 per session (please note the number of weeks varies per term as this is an outdoor activity and not flood lit). Horse Riding takes place at the Mottingham Stables which are across the road from the Junior School and is run by Miss Johnson.  

The main skills that students are taught at Horse Riding Club are: 

  • to be happy and confident on and around the pony.  
  • mount and dismount correctly.  
  • to know the basic points of the pony and tack.  
  • understand and show the correct position in the saddle.  
  • hold the reins correctly and carry a whip in either hand.  
  • to be able to alter stirrups and check their girths.  
  • correct use of leg aids.  
  • control the pony through transitions between paces.  
  • to make turns and ride circles.  
  • to show sitting trot, rising trot and changes of diagonal.  
  • to ride up and down hills and over ground poles.  
  • when confident; know the correct aids for canter and canter with assistance.  
  • walk without stirrups.  
  • to lead a pony in hand.  
  • ride safely in closed and open spaces.  

Judo Club  

Judo Club is run by Sensei GaryJudo is a contact sport and therefore is an excellent way of integrating people from different areas of society and installing respect and discipline. There is an ever increasing need for people to exercise and Judo is acknowledged as one of the best sports for obtaining and sustaining physical fitness in a fun way.  

Core Skills are:  

  • UKEMI – learning to fall  
  • TACHI WAZA – learning to throw  
  • OSAE KOMI WAZA – learning to pin  
  • NE WAZA – ground work techniques  
  • RANDORI – free practice  

These skills are brought together in a fun but strict way, that reinforces the “Judo Code” a list of ethics which include; respect, honestly, fair-play, self-control, hygiene, modesty and friendship.  

Lego League Robotics

First Lego League Robotics is run by Mr Whittaker who teaches Science at the Senior School. Students will learn to program a Lego  MindStorm robot to tackle challenges based around this year’s theme City Shaper. They will also undertake a project which they present on the same theme to the judges at the competition which takes place in the Lent Term. The competition is the biggest STEM competition in the world, with 28,000 teams taking part annually. 

Ski Club  Intermediate (at least 2 weeks skiing)  

Ski Club is run by Miss Emily Evans (the school’s Ski Coach) at Brentwood Ski Centre. The boys will travel to the slope by coach and leave school at 4.15pm and return back at 8.00pm every week.  

The club is not for complete beginners and there is an ability requirement for students joining. They must be able to confidently use a button lift independently and be in control of their skies i.e. be able to slow down and stop on the slope.  

Street Dance  

Street Dance is run by Miss Danni who is the founder and principal of the GDND Academy. As well as running her own dance academy, Miss Danni also runs clubs at a number of local primary schools which have been a huge success.  

Swim Squad  

Swim Squad is open to students that swim in the top group in their weekly PE Swim lessons. New students will be welcome to join after October half term.  

During Swim Squad the coaching team will work on developing the students four main strokes with focus particularly on learning the correct technique. There will also be opportunities within these sessions to practice race techniques including diving, tumble turns and finishes, as well as other associated race etiquette.  

Touch Typing Club  

This club is run by Typing’s Cool  and aims to teach students to touch type 10 – 30 words per minute with 95% accuracy, using all ten fingers and thumbs, rather than pecking at a keyboard with two fingers. 

Theeducational programmes used have been especially designed by experts to encourage every child to learn to touch type. Developed in line with the National Curriculum, Typing’s Cool  also promotes spelling, writing and presentation skills. For students the fun is in dodging asteroids, zapping aliens, slaying fire breathing dragons and racing Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.