International Students

Today’s students will go on to join a global workforce. By providing a diverse learning environment, with student of different cultures from across the world, we are helping prepare them for their adult life.

International students are welcome to study at Eltham College for GCSE and A level public examinations. Places are capped at one or two a year for GCSE and three or four a year for A level and are in addition to the places available for existing Eltham College students.

Welcoming international students to the school allows greater diversification and enables everyone to get a broader experience of life by learning alongside students from every corner of the globe. Meeting people with different values and beliefs helps to widen cultural awareness, gain new perspectives and improve social skills.

Each international student lives with a host family whilst in the UK and is encouraged to live the life of an English student by engaging with school life in every possible way, both academically and socially.

The positive experiences for both home and international students are unique and life changing and reflective of a forward thinking school located in the capital of the UK.