Scholarship Criteria

Academic Scholarship

Our Academic Scholars are motivated to discover and nurture their talents. A comprehensive programme of events is organised throughout the year including:

  • Regular Scholarship meetings for Lower School and Middle School Academic Scholars
  • Scholarship journals for Lower School Scholars
  • Academic Twilight sessions for Lower School Scholars
  • Scholarship trips to events and locations in and around London
  • Scholarship workshops from visiting authors and experts
  • Communication with parents to highlight Scholars’ progress
  • A programme of student-led talks for Middle School Scholars

 The Assessment Process

You do not apply for an Academic Scholarship. They are awarded, at the Headmaster’s discretion, to students entering Years 7, 9 or Lower Sixth who excel in our Senior School or Sixth Form entrance examination and interview.

Sport Scholarship

Sport Scholars are expected to have reached a minimum standard equivalent to, or potential to achieve, County representation in one or more of the sports being assessed. The major sports at the College are Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Netball. It is in these sports that Eltham College has the high class facilities, resources and expertise, as well as links with outside clubs and organisations, to offer a comprehensive support programme to the ambitious and talented.

Our Scholarship Programme includes:

  • Individual tailored coaching sessions
  • Mentoring programmes for athlete welfare
  • Strength and conditioning programmes
  • Nutrition advice and physiotherapy support
  • Training in mental skills and sports psychology

The Assessment Process

Candidates must attend a practical assessment which includes Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Netball, a fitness test and optional swimming. A candidate must also discuss with the Head of School Sports their ambition for the future in their chosen sports and of their desire to benefit the development and success of sport at the College. Once a holder of this award, they must continue in these aims.

All Sport Scholarship applications must be accompanied by a written recommendation from your son’s/daughter’s coach, club or school.

Music Scholarship

In recent years, Scholars at Eltham College have sung under the baton of conductors such as Valery Gergiev and performed at many leading concert halls in the UK and Europe. There are also masterclasses with leading figures from the world of classical music. These have included Warner Brothers recording artist Alison Balsom. Scholars are given the opportunity to have their pieces recorded by professional musicians and, by the time they leave, they can expect to have their compositions performed at the annual ECCO concert as well as being given the opportunity to conduct a semi-professional orchestra. Successful candidates must study Music at GCSE and will aspire to study Music at A level. Music Scholars will be required to participate in a significant number of music ensembles and it is likely that they will be in the College Choir.

The Assessment Process

Awards are made on the basis of an audition, interview and references. Applicants offer at least two instruments (including singing) with at with at least ABRSM/Trinity Grade V standard on the first instrument and Grade III on the second study (Year 7 entry). For Year 9 entry, a student must be ABRSM/Trinity Grade VI standard on the first instrument and Grade IV on the second. Candidates for scholarships would, as a guide, receive distinctions or merits in their practical exams rather than simply passes. It is expected that scholars will participate in a significant number of music ensembles and are usually in the College Choir. It is likely that they will study Music at GCSE level.

For Year 12 Music Scholarships, students offer at least two instruments (including singing) with at with at least ABRSM/Trinity Grade VII/VIII standard on the first instrument and Grade VI on the second study.  It is likely that they will study Music at A level.

The audition is designed to discover an applicant’s musical potential, interest and talent as well as current performance standard. At the audition candidates will be required to:

  1. Perform two contrasting pieces on their principal instrument or voice. An accompanist will be provided by the school and candidates will have an opportunity to run through their pieces with the accompanist immediately before their audition.
  2. If preferred, candidates may arrange for a private accompanist to accompany them in audition instead.
  3. Perform a piece on a second/third instrument or voice;
  4. Play or sing at sight on their principal instrument/voice;
  5. Sight-sing a short extract of music (if singing not offered as a principal study);
  6. Answer short melodic and rhythmic aural tests and aural comprehension tests;
  7. Talk with the panel about their musical aspirations and their musical experiences so far.

Drama Scholarship

The Drama Department is based in the Antony Barnard Theatre, a purpose built 230 seat theatre with a green room, workshop and prop and costume store. Drama also has access to the Dance Studio in Eric Liddell Sport Centre for rehearsal and clubs.  Recent productions include Guys and Dolls, The History Boys, Oliver!, Les Misérables, Accidental Death of an Anarchist and Assassins, which was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Drama Scholars are given the opportunity to participate in productions before their arrival, including in productions at the Edinburgh Festival. Once they join the College, opportunities available to them include:

  • Major roles in both the annual musical and drama productions
  • Participation in the Shakespeare Schools Festival
  • Workshops with leading theatre professionals in both performance, production and Arts Management (for example Frantic Assembly, Bill Kenwright Ltd.) Experience in direction for House Drama Competitions and Drama clubs
  • A programme of theatre visits and post production discussions

Previous Drama Scholars have gone on to join the National Youth Theatre and to train professionally at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, Guildford School of Acting and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

A Drama Scholar will be required to support the College’s Drama activities by participating in productions, helping with House Drama and assisting in the running of the Drama Club for younger students.

The Assessment Process

Drama scholarships are awarded to students entering Year 7, 9 or Lower Sixth who demonstrate exceptional talent and commitment.

At audition 11+ Drama Scholarship candidates must perform a 2-3 minute monologue from a published play of their choice. 13+ candidates will perform two contrasting 2-3 minute monologues. After the performances all applicants will be asked to re-work their monologue to see how well they can adapt to direction as a performer.

Candidates should also bring a scrapbook outlining their interest in drama which can include information about their own previous performances as well as productions they have seen that have inspired them. The scrapbook and how they prepared for the monologue audition will form the basis of the discussion in their interview with the Director of Drama.

Candidates for Sixth Form entry are able to apply for either an Acting or Design Drama Scholarship. The actors are required to perform two monologues and answer questions on their choice of text in discussion with the Director of Drama. The designers are required to bring a portfolio showing their design process or evidence of their significant involvement with theatre design on either a lighting, set, costume or sound project.  They will also be given a short design task to complete on the day.

Art Scholarship

Art Scholars are offered a huge range of opportunities which include life drawing, talks from practising artists, the chance to show their own work in a professional space and the opportunity to curate their examination show. Successful candidates will be expected to study Art at GCSE and A level. An Art Scholar will be required to support the College’s art activities by participating in art events, producing work for exhibitions and attending gallery events.

The Assessment Process

Art Scholarships are awarded to students entering Year 7, 9 or Lower Sixth who demonstrate exceptional talent alongside dedication and a keen passion for the subject.

To be considered for the award, candidates must attend an evaluation with the Director of Art. Candidates should provide a portfolio of 10 pieces of exceptional and interesting work, five of which must be drawings, for discussion during the evaluation. This work should be no more than a year old and some of the work presented should have been produced in the candidate’s own time.

Candidates for Year 7 and Year 9 will also be given a practical challenge in a workshop setting.