The Beckenham coach stops at various points in Beckenham as detailed below and includes an interchange with Beckenham Junction and Elmstead Woods railway stations.

The additional late service is combined with the Dulwich route. This will operate according to passenger requirements and the driver will vary the route accordingly.

Full details of the stops and times are listed below.

New Beckenham – Beckenham Junction – Sundridge – Elmstead Woods

7.20amKent House Road/Lennard Road (bus stop in Kent House Rd)
7.22amGreen Lane/Parish Lane Bus Stop
7.24amHight Street/ Clevedon Rd Bus stop
Kent House Station Bus Stop (pm only)
7.26amBeckenham Road/ Beckenham Library Bus st
7.30pmRectory Road/ Vicarage Drive Bus stop (am only)
TFL stop opposite Beckenham Jun Tram station (pm only)
7.35amSt Georges Road (am only)
Stop opposite Beckenham Jun Tram station (pm only)
7.43amBromley Road/Oakwood Avenue bus stop (before St Christophers School)
7.53amPlaistow Lane/Burnt Ash Lane Junction
7.56amOrchard Rd/Rosewood Court Junction
7.57amWood Lodge Gardens
7.59amSundridge Ave/ Log Hill Bus stop
8.00amElmstead Woods / Walden Road