School Policies

The following policies have been made available here for your information.

Acceptable Use of IT Policy

Accessibility Plan 

Admissions Policy

Anti-bullying Strategy

Behaviour Policy

Careers and Higher Education

CCTV Policy

Centre Policy

Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) Policy

Complaints Procedure Update

Crutches Protocol

Curriculum Policy

Curriculum Policy

Development/Elthamians Privacy Notice

Driving to School Guidelines (Sixth Form)

Drugs Policy and Dealing with Harmful and Controlled Substances

Eltham College Covid-19 Return to School Risk Assessment

Exclusion Procedure

Extreme Weather Protocol

Fire Risk (Prevention) Policy and Evacuation Procedures

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Health and Safety Policy

Illness Protocol 

Laptop Policy

Learning Support Policy

Lockdown Protocol

Medical and First Aid Policy

Online Safety Booklet (Junior School)

Online Safety Booklet (Senior School)

Privacy Notice

RSE Policy

Safeguarding Policy (including Child Protection)

Safeguarding Policy Addendum (during Covid-19)

Sanctions and Support (Junior School)

Sanctions and Support (Senior School)

Student Privacy Notice

Supervision of Students

Taking, Storing and Using Images of Children

Timetable of the School Day

Word Processor Policy

In addition the College has a Personal Accident Scheme in place for our students. Details of which can be found here.

Student Personal Accident Scheme