Anti-Bullying Week and The Diana Award

On 25 September, a group of 17 students in Year 8 and 9 attended the Anti-Bullying Ambassador training from The Diana Award. The training aims to empower students and staff to change the attitudes, behaviours and cultures in schools, helping to build skills and confidence when addressing situations both on and offline. Following the training, 17 students returned to the College with fresh ideas and eager to organise a series of events and activities in support of Anti-Bullying Week in November.

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors organised many fantastic initiatives, two of these being an anti-bullying poster competition and “post a compliment”, whereby students could write a compliment about anyone in the Eltham College community, which was then displayed on a board in Central Hall. Our Ambassadors also cooked up a storm in the school kitchen, making 250 cakes from scratch, which they sold at break time to raise money for The Diana Award and Bullying UK. Students and staff could also get involved in activities such as hula hoop competitions, hook a duck, ring toss, a photo booth and even splat the teacher to raise awareness and funds in aid of Anti-Bullying Week.

A special mention must go to Miles Foreman (Year 9) who created his very own Anti-Bullying Guide, which was distributed to Year 7 students, and to Alex Taylor (Year 9) and Harry Wright (Year 9) who created a revised, child-friendly Anti-Bullying Policy for students. In addition, Harry Wright (Year 9) and Harry Johnson (Year 9) must also be commended for designing two Christmas post boxes, which were filled with Christmas cards written by students and staff, and delivered all around the College on the last week of term by the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and volunteers. The festivities ended with a “Guess the Santa” competition, in which numerous staff members put on their red suits and joined in the fun during form time.

Looking forward to the Summer Term, Vincent Turnell (Year 8) and Ishan Bhasin (Year 9) have organised a hopper race as part of their summer fair initiative, which will be run by Eltham College staff members to raise further funds for The Diana Award and Bullying UK.