British Schools’ Artificial Slope Championships Report

For the first time in Eltham College’s history, two teams qualified for the British Artificial Slope Finals. Held this weekend (17/18 November) at Hillend, Edinburgh, both teams acquitted themselves favourably on what proved to be a challenging course.

Having injured himself on the practice day, Fergus was unable to compete on Sunday, therefore, leaving Eltham College B one skier down. Unperturbed, Luke, Ben and Theo recorded impressive times in the morning session, setting the team in good stead ahead of the second run that afternoon. Eltham College A were led by Diaco, achieving one of the quickest times during the first session. Supported ably by Matt, Liam and Pietro the team were in a buoyant mood going into lunch.

Having seen their competitors improve their times in the afternoon session, the skiers set out to go even faster. Unfortunately, this led to both teams making minor errors, leading to only two skiers from Eltham College A completing the course and Eltham College B posting slightly slower times than earlier that day.

The students reflected on their experience of skiing one the most challenging dry slopes they have faced, while competing with the best skiers in Britain, determined to improve next year.