Eltham College presents to PADSIS

On Tuesday 12 May Edd Thorogood, Head of School Sports at Eltham College presented Eltham’s strategic plan for continuity in sports through and beyond the COVID-19 crisis, to over 150 members of the Professional Association of Directors in Sport in Independent Schools. A new weekly forum has been set up within this group so that all schools can work as a collective, as sport is faced with some diffiuclt challenges in the coming months as it looks to return to normal.

The strategic plan presented has been developed since the realisation that there was a need to prepare for a number of eventualities, in relation to how sport can continue within a school setting and to review the many different factors to consider before we could resume.

The aim of the document and presentation was to ensure that Eltham is prepared for every eventuality in the next 12 months whilst at the same time having a core focus and combining that with the projected four phases of ‘return to play’. The College feels it is important to have an overall target of not straying too far away from our normal annual set up, while maintaining the Saturday ethos and providing for all. Edd’s plan looks at the limitations of each sport and the surrounding issues like changing, hospitality and facilities – but the main thought was, with there being so much unknown, to have a plan for each eventuality and a base to work from.

Edd said “Eltham College is always looking at how to improve and enhance the PE curriculum and sport offer for all students. With the introduction of co-education from September 2020 we have a responsibility in this current climate to be totally on top of the issues and restrictions at hand, but also to then be able to deliver the very best programme possible. I was delighted to be asked to present our plan to the wider PADSIS community, albeit in somewhat different circumstances, and to work cohesively with many other schools to achieve the best results for all in what will be a very tough period for all”.