Eltham College Scholars Programme

A character in one of Alan Bennett’s plays is trying to impress his friend and his teacher, by telling them that he has been reading the works of the famous German philosopher “Frederick Kneeshaw.” He is most put out to discover that the writer’s surname is not pronounced “Kneeshaw” but Nietzsche.

Thankfully the members of the Year 9 Athenaeum who attended Mr Skipworth’s talk, will not be under such misapprehension either about the pronunciation, of his name, or more importantly, why this writer is so significant. Challenging the students to ponder the consequences of Nietzsche’s views about the death of God followed a discussion about the possible alternative sources for morality and meaning and the extent to which the answer lies, as Nietzcche believed in the “Ubermensch”. In the spirit of the Athenaeum, the sessions are designed to stretch and challenge and to encourage students to read and think beyond the boundaries of subjects.

The lesson forms part of the Scholars Programme which includes workshops and lectures overseen by our Head of Academic Scholarship, Mr Cavendish.