Eltham Garden launches at the Junior School

At the start of National Gardening Week, the Junior School today announced the creation of their very own ‘Eltham Garden’ thanks to the hard work and efforts of our school Catering Team, led by Manager, Gemma Kolseth.

The catering team have been busy working to prepare the school allotment ready for a new season of planting. This weekend saw the finishing touches of painting fences and cultivating the soil ready for planting.

Eltham Garden will teach students how to grow fresh fruit and vegetables, caring for plants and vegetables and provide a quiet space for reflection.  Iain Wearmouth, Head of Junior School Wellbeing commented, “This will encourage children to learn more about cultivation and how plants and fresh food is grown, as well as being used as a space for wellbeing initiatives.”

The next stage of the garden will see benches for sitting being installed and a creation of a mini bug hut.