Eltham Success at the UKSDC

Congratulations to nine Upper Sixth students Hashir, Hanoj, Vanya, Velican, Jim, Sam W, Callum, Akash, and Alex M for being part of the winning team to represent the UK in the prestigious 2022 International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC).

Upper Sixth student Hashir and President of the winning team reported on the events of the day below.

On Saturday 20 November, two teams of Eltham College students competed in the Regional Heats of the UK Space Design Competition.

The students were paired with several other schools to form a large company to work with on the day, with one team going to be crowned Champions of the round at the end of the day.

The companies had to consider the Structural, Operations, Human and Automation factors in designing a futuristic space base which satisfied the demands of the client. Eltham College students were praised for their creativity in applying scientific and engineering principles to the task, whilst also considering details such as safety and cost-efficiency. This had to all be done in the short space of seven hours, working alongside and often leading students from other schools who we had only met at the start of the day.

Following a stressful but enjoyable working period, both teams delivered convincing pitches to a panel of expert engineering judges. The 20-minute presentation was followed by a gruelling five minute question period in which competitors had to justify their choices in front of the judges.

After much deliberation from the judges, in one of the closest regional heats ever seen, the Year 13 Eltham team were declared to be the winners of the day, whilst the Year 12 team earned runner ups for their innovative solutions to engineering problems.

Well done to the Lower Sixth team of Zak (President), Nathan, Ben R, Ben A, Arjan, Lachlan, Seb, Tyler, Riccardo, Talal and Atharv for their work throughout the day, with special commendations to Atharv in Year 11 for competing beyond his age category.

Finally, Congratulations to the Winning Upper Sixth team of Hashir (President), Hanoj (Head of Operations), Vanya (Head of Automations), Velican (Head of Human), Jim, Sam W, Callum, Akash, and Alex M.

The Winning team will now go on to the UKSDC National Finals in March at Imperial College London and will be working hard to achieve the 3rd National Finals victory in a row for Eltham College.

Upper Sixth Winning Team

Lower Sixth Team