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Elthamians Office

With a community that includes former and current students, parents and staff, the Elthamians Office actively engages with all friends and stakeholders and supports the development of the school.

Our team includes:

Old Elthamians Charitable Trust

The Old Elthamians Charitable Trust (OECT) was incorporated in 2012 as part of the modernisation of the Old Elthamians Association and its investments. The objects of the OECT are twofold:
• the general advancement of education; and
• the advancement of amateur sports;

“with a preference for making such provision to or for the pupils and former pupils of Eltham College (the School for the Sons of Missionaries) and/or to or for the said School or for any of its undertakings wherever they may be situated.”
In its short existence it has provided bursaries for pupils at Eltham College and made grants to improve the sporting facilities at the school.

The OECT’s Trustees are currently as follows:
David Norris (Chairman) (1958)
Adrian Baulf (1963)
Tim Haden-Scott (1983)
Russell Dellar (1987)
Neale Houlden (1974)

Old Elthamians Association

The Old Elthamians Association was created in 1907 and incorporated as Old Elthamians Association Limited (OEAL) in 2012.

Its guiding principle is to develop engagement and a sense of cohesion among the alumni of Eltham College. There is also an important emphasis on promoting the wellbeing of the school as part of its operation, aiming to provide a seamless support network as pupils leave the school and progress throughout their adult lives. Membership is automatic to all former pupils of the senior section of Eltham College and members of staff.

The OEAL works together with the Elthamians Office to provide social and industry-related activities to help foster Elthamian community spirit and also to publish the bi-annual Plane Talking magazine which acts as a record of Old Elthamian achievement and contribution to the wider world.

The OEAL Board is currently as follows:

President: Chris Brain (1998)
Chairman: Nick Byers (1980)
Treasurer: Adrian Baulf (1963)
Directors: John Willis (1965), Russell Dellar (1987) and Simon McGrahan (Retired Development Director)

Simon McGrahan, Adrian Baulf, Russell Dellar, Nick Byers, Chris Brain

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In 1951 a group of, largely, World War II “veterans” was the driving force behind the OEA’s acquisition of The Old Elthamians War Memorial Sports Ground (“Foxbury”) in Chislehurst, Kent, to serve as the headquarters of the OEA and the home of Old Elthamian sports.

In 2012 the ownership of Foxbury was transferred from the Old Elthamians Association to the newly formed Old Elthamians Charitable Trust.

The Old Elthamians Sports Club has moved back to the school at College Meadow and Foxbury is let on a commercial basis to provide income to the OECT.

Foxbury remains the spiritual home of the Old Elthamians particularly those who left the school before 2012. The Foxbury name lives on at the school in the form of the new Medical and Well-being Centre which forms part of the new Turberville Building development and for which the OECT made a substantial donation.