Dialogue – an exhibition by Nikki Hill-Smith

Date: 13 January 2018 Category: Art

Location: Gerald Moore Gallery

For Nikki Hill-Smith, the joy of being a painter is the daily challenge to conjure a dynamic formal language from the almost infinite formlessness of her medium. Her subject matter is paint itself, or perhaps pigment, or even just ‘matter’, is more accurate. She uses a range of mediums to enact a process of balancing the uncontrollable forces of nature with the discipline required to construct her own vision. There is no image to find, or destination: only the daily process of coming to terms with her medium, and the unexpected outcomes of that process.

Nikki’s dialogue is with the grammar, the language of painting, in which the laws of chance and natural and unreasonable order are just held in check. The truth is in the dialogue and this is constantly changing, as conversations do. A rapport between painter and canvas. An invitation to the viewer to participate.

Opening Event

Date and time: Saturday 13 January 2018 12.00pm–8.00pm

Open to the Public

Date and time: Every Saturday from 13 January – 14 April 2018