Scgraffito Drawing Over Zoom for Children 10+

Date: 24 April 2021 Category: Art

The Gerald Moore Gallery presents:


Explore the technique of sgraffito drawing to create layered and intricate images with artist and teacher Rebecca Griffiths.

The process of sgraffito drawing involves scratching through a layer of paint or pigment to reveal the base colour below. This workshop will guide you through the making of a sgraffito board using items you have at home. You will then explore the use of tools, mark-making, and composition to create striking images using this fascinating technique.

Saturday 24 April, 10:00 -11.15

Suitable for ages: 10+

The class is 1 hour 15 mins and there are 10 to a class.

Classes are held over Zoom, once payment has been made you will receive a Login and Password to join the class. Each class is £10.

Please note some materials will need to be collected beforehand.

Please click on the link to book and find out more