Eltham College was founded in 1842 as the School for Sons of Missionaries. It began as a small boarding school in Blackheath catering for the children of missionaries serving overseas in India, China and countries in Central and Southern Africa.

In 1912 the school moved to its current site the 18th Century mansion and grounds of Fairy Hall in Mottingam. In the 1950s Eltham College became a day school for boys and since the early 1980’s girls have been admitted in the Sixth Form. From September 2020 Eltham College will begin to welcome girls in Years 3 and 7.

The link with our missionary background continues through the House System. The names of the four Houses refer to four missionaries who travelled the world; David Livingstone in Africa, William Carey in India, James Chalmers in Papua New Guinea, and Robert Moffat in Southern Africa.

The chapel remains a potent symbol of our heritage. It is the spiritual heart of the school with daily acts of worship led by the Chaplain, Headmaster, visiting speakers and other staff.