Year 10 Scholars discuss is History a Science?

On the launch of Science Week Sixth Form Historians presented to Year 10 Scholars on the theme “Is History a Science?”  At the beginning of the session the Year 10 students did not seem to support the idea.

The Sixth form students then presented their ideas starting with Thomas who looked at the nature of History as a discipline, reflecting on the multiple current positions.  Lucy then discussed the nature of science as an enterprise referencing David Deutsch and Karl Popper. Carla looked for similarities and differences between the two positions asking students to reflect on the nature of what we were comparing, introducing the idea of the “Social Science” before finally Pelin took students into the realm of Jacques Derrida, postmodernism and the rise and fall of paradigms.

The Year10 recent scholars talk on quantum physics was referenced as the lecture  returned again to the idea of objectivity and measurement.  After the lecture many of the scholars had changed their minds.

Congratulations to our Sixth Form for their ability to encompass a broad and complex debate so well. The Year 10 Athenaeum meets again next week for a special lecture by visiting speaker Dr Harry Cliff.