“It was the talk I needed to hear.”

We were lucky enough to welcome Johnny Kay into Eltham College as part of our Black History Month celebrations.Johnny spoke so honestly about the adversity and triumphs he has faced in his life – from schooling, navigating “blackness”, journey to sobriety, to his barrier-breaking work at VERSUS.It’s important for pupils to recognise life promises undulation, peak highs and deep lows but how we deal with it is key. As one Sixth Form pupil put it, “it was the talk I needed to hear.”

Johnny commented –

‘I had the privilege of speaking at Eltham College as part of their Black History Month programming.

The work that my good friend, Gideon (aka Mr Hammond), is doing in that school to make young black and mixed race kids feel at home is incredible.

I struggled a lot more in school than I ever let on and would have really benefited from a talk like the one I gave.

Amazing opportunity.’This Black History Month at Eltham College has been a re-focus on Black British History and Black British stories because Black British History is being made right now.So much thanks to Johnny Kay for his time and transparency to make a change.