Junior School Boys Achieve Success in the Primary Maths Challenge

On Tuesday 14 November, a record 116 boys from Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in the Primary Maths Challenge – a problem-solving paper taken by thousands of primary-aged children nationwide with cleverly designed multiple-choice and open-ended mathematical challenges which even had the teachers scratching their heads trying to solve!

Seventy-three boys scored at least 15 out of 25 to achieve a certificate, and particular congratulations to the following boys for achieving a gold certificate for a score of at least 20:

Adam Cornick, Daniel Egan, Nikita Hinksman, Arjun Jadhav, Aditya Jayaram, Aashman Kumar, Monty Lyons, Matthew McLoughlin, Max Misquitta, Krish Misra, Rishi Nandakumar and Rex Taylor.

We await to find out who will qualify for the bonus round which takes place in February. Well done to all involved!