Eltham College as a whole is well known for its wonderful music and this begins in the Junior School where we nurture every student’s music ability from the start.

All students have two timetabled lessons of music each week in addition to the numerous ensembles which take place, allowing students to develop their ensemble and solo skills alike.

The Music Room is equipped with keyboards and an extensive range of percussion instruments. In composition work, students are encouraged to use their own instruments in order to develop different skills on their instrument(s). Often lesson topics will cross over into other subjects and consolidate work taught in other curriculum areas such as History with Tudors and Victorians, English with war poetry etc.

A broad range of musical history and genres are covered from Renaissance and Classical to Jazz and Blues; from film scores and music in the gaming industry to advertising and opera.

Music Alive

We are so committed to music making that in Years 3 and 4 we offer every student five weeks’ free instrumental/vocal tuition under the Music Alive instrumental and vocal project. Year 3 students are given the opportunity to learn to play an orchestral string instrument or begin singing lessons. Year 4 students are given the opportunity to learn to play a woodwind or brass instrument or begin orchestral percussion lessons. The first five lessons will be given free of charge along with free instrumental hire.

The Music Alive Project will be launched in the Junior School at the beginning of the Lent Term. At the end of the first five weeks students and parents will then decide if they wish to continue with lessons, taught in pairs until the end of the Lent Term, moving to individual lessons for the remainder of the academic year. Students will have the opportunity to perform in Showcase concerts through-out the project.

Individual Music Lessons

Students who wish to participate in instrumental/vocal one to-one tuition, (in addition to the Music Alive scheme) can book music tuition online. Individual music tuition takes place throughout the school day on a rotational basis, with no fixed times. Timetables are displayed by the practice rooms in the Junior School.

When students are ready, they will be entered for either ABRSM or Trinity practical music examinations by their teacher. Each year we consistently gain a large proportion of distinctions and merits, as well as passes.

Harp Lessons

From September Harp lessons will be available to both Junior and Senior School students. Harpists have opportunities to join the Junior and Senior School String Orchestras. Harp hire can be organised at £60 per month with Harp students able to practise on the school lever harps after Christmas. If you have any queries with regards to Harp lessons please email Miss Beck at

Please click here to view a list of the Music fees for 2020/21. Please read the Service Standards and Commitments before applying for Music tuition. View the list of Visiting Music Teachers.

Book Music Tuition

Performance Opportunities

There are a range of opportunities for students to perform from assemblies and concerts throughout the year as well as in their curriculum music lessons; from small to large stages, both informal and formal and from solo to ensemble.

Some concerts showcase a specific instrument or instruments from a section of the orchestra whilst others contain a range of abilities and instruments. In Lent Term we have our Inter-House Music Competition and in the Summer Term, we showcase our ensembles in our Summer Concert.

Our top musicians perform in a Concert to St. Cecilia in November at St. George’s Church Beckenham. The best singers join the College Choir as well as singing in Eltham College Young Voices (ECYV), performing in School and in major venues with professional orchestras. They will also sing in either Year 5 and 6 Choir and/or Grange Choir too. Each year, all of the choirs and ensembles in the Junior School come to together to perform in a concert at the end of the academic year.

House Music Competition

This is an opportunity for all students who are currently learning an instrument, either in school or privately, to perform one a piece on an instrument that they are studying to gain points for their House. The winning House will be awarded a cup and a concert showcasing the best performances from throughout the competition takes place for all members of the Junior School along with parents of the finalists, just before half term in Lent Term. Read more about last year’s House Music Competition. 

Music Activity Timetable

Year 5 and 6 ChoirYear 5 and 6Mr Alexander
Tuesday, 12.30-1.15pm
All year round
Wind EnsembleOpen to all wind instrument players who meet the required standardMs Bailey
Tuesday, 8.20-9.00am
All year round
Flutie TootsOpen to all flute players who meet the required standardMrs Hignell
Friday, 8.20-9.00am
All year round
ECYVBy invitationMr Bullard
Monday and Friday, 8.00-9.00am
Senior School
All year round
String EnsembleOpen to all string instrument players who meet the required standardMr Bray
Monday, 8.20-9.00am
All year round
Grange ChoirYear 5 and 6, by invitationMr Alexander
Wednesday, 12.30-1.15pm
All year round
Brass EnsembleOpen to all brass players who meet the required standardMr Thompson
Wednesday, 8.20-9.00am
All year round
Groovy ToonsBy invitationMr Croston
Wednesday, 12.40-1.10pm
All year round
Guitar EnsembleOpen to all guitar players who meet the required standardMr Williams
Thursday 8.20-9.00am
All year round
Hit MenBy invitationMr Nall
Tuesday 12.45-1.15pm, Senior School
All year round
Music Alive StringsBy invitationMiss O'Leary
Tuesday, 8.15-8.55am
All year round
Music Alive Concert BandMs Bailey and Mr Thompson
Monday, 12.45-1.15pm
All year round
Music Alive ChoirMrs Holmes Thursday, 12.45-1.15pm
All year round
Year 3 and 4 ChoirYear 3 and 4Mr Alexander
Thursday 8.35-9.00am,
All year round