Students at Eltham College undoubtedly feel that their House is very much their home in the College, and it is a real strength that every student at Eltham believes passionately that their House is the best!

Each student to assigned to one of our four Houses named, in keeping with the school’s heritage, after four missionaries: Carey (blue), Chalmers (red), Moffat (yellow) and Livingstone (green). The house system promotes a healthy competitive spirit amongst the students as they compete in a year round programme of events: academic, athletic and artistic.

Football TournamentWhole School Mr O'Dwyer
Lent Term
Hockey Year 5 and 6Mr O'Dwyer
Lent Term, during lessons
Rugby TournamentWhole SchoolMr O'Dwyer
Michaelmas Term
Sports DayWhole SchoolMr O'Dwyer
Summer Term
Swimming GalasYear 3 and 4, Year 5 and 6Mr O'Dwyer
Summer Term
House Music CompetitionWhole SchoolMr Alexander
Lent Term