Outside the Classroom

In addition to the teaching and learning that takes place in the classroom, we offer various after school activities, school trips and workshops throughout the year to support and enhance this.


These annual workshops give our students the chance to experience the topic they are studying by immersing themselves in it.

Acrylic WorkshopYear 4Mrs Chamberlain
Art WorkshopsYear 3 to 6Ms Kusner
Childnet E-Safety WorkshopsYear 3 to 6Mrs Sargeant
The Greeks (Presented by History off the Page)Year 3Mr Dale
Lent Term
Healthy Eating (Presented by A-Life)Whole schoolMr Wearmouth
Summer Term
Planetarium WorkshopYear 5Mrs Goakes
Portraits WorkshopYear 3Mrs Chamberlain
Michaelmas Term
Road SafetyYear 6Mr Wearmouth
Summer Term
Saxons (Presented by History off the Page)Year 4Mr Dale
Summer Term
Science WeekYear 3 to 6Mrs Goakes
VictoriansYear 6Mr Dale
Michaelmas Term
VR Coding WorkshopsYear 3 and 4Lent Term
Water Colour WorkshopYear 5Mrs Chamberlain
Michaelmas Term