Lower Sixth students compete in the annual Safe Cracking competition

For the third year, Eltham College entered two teams into the Safe Cracking competition, sponsored by Weizmann UK, to build a safe secured only using Physics principles.

Beginning back in September with planning and brainstorming, investigating and trying out ideas to build, both teams qualified through submitting five minute videos of their work in December, shared with the year group to critical acclaim. The pressure and challenge of time began to stretch the resources and patience of the teams, as in the last two weeks almost every lunchtime and afternoon has been used to test, fix and improve their puzzles.

The competition on Sunday 9 February was a testament to the students’ hard work, as the teams split up to try and break into other teams’ safes and to impress the judges with their understanding of the Physics involved in their own devices. This year, only the first placed team won qualification to the international competition, and our top placed Ships and Giggles safe missed out on top spot by the smallest of margins.

The competition has become harder every year, but the standard and quality of the Eltham College entries has never been higher, and we are immensely proud of all the work that the teams have put in over the last five months. The teams are now considering completing a Gold Crest Award.

Ships and Giggles (2nd place):
Liam (captain), Charlie, Kyle, Miles, Conor and Lachlan

Bank O’Nathe:
James J (captain), Ben, Sam, Oliver and James H