Mallorca Trip

On Sunday 25 March, 26 students ranging from Year 10 to Upper Sixth Form set off on a trip to Palma de Mallorca. After a comfortable flight from Heathrow, we arrived in the sunny resort of Palma. We had a whistle-stop tour of the local area before we were faced with an anxious wait to meet our host families. The majority of students, including myself, had never stayed with a host family before so this experience did at first seem a little daunting. However, after the first meal with my family and an in-depth conversation at ‘sobremesa’ I felt settled in and ready for the days ahead.

The next morning with a little assistance from Google Maps, we navigated our way quite successfully from our apartment to the language school, where we attended four hours of language lessons. The lessons were really interesting and were an invaluable part of our time in Mallorca. Each day we tackled a variety of exercises such as grammar, listening, and conversation tasks, which are all skills needed for the A-level exam. In the afternoon’s students and teachers would reconvene and either have lunch on the go or if we had time, try some tapas before our cultural activities. My favourite excursions were to the Cathedral where we learnt about the architecture and Bellver Castle where we heard stories about past prisoners from our guide.

One part of the trip, I will never forget was when Ms Mateos kindly treated us all each to an ice cream, with the condition that we had to order it in Spanish. Miraculously everyone managed this task with ease and the staff at the ice cream parlour did a brilliant job not getting flustered with 30 people all shouting their orders at them at once.

Overall, the trip to Mallorca was thoroughly enjoyable and I can definitely say on behalf of everyone that we had a fantastic time. My Spanish was often put to the test but hopefully, my accent and confidence have improved. Muchas gracias to Ms Mateos, Mr Marshall and Miss Bolland!

Written by: Isabella Garrett, Lower Sixth Form student