OE Anna Mallett (92) Careers Talk

On Monday 24 September we were delighted to welcome OE Anna Mallett (92), who visited the school to speak about her career journey from Eltham College, to one of the most significant roles in TV. Currently working as Chief Operating Officer for BBC Studios, Anna delivered an inspiring talk to students, during which she offered helpful insights about the wide variety of roles within her industry, as well as advice about how best to pursue a future role in television. Significantly though, she also talked about the importance of life balance, resilience and life-long learning, using her story to illustrate the point. Having initially failed to secure a place at Oxbridge at undergraduate level, Anna thoroughly enjoyed her Geography degree at Durham, before achieving her DPhil at Oxford, and later acquiring an MBA at Harvard while working as a management consultant. It was the advice she received at Harvard, about the importance of pursuing your passion, that led her to the BBC.

Alongside students from Eltham College, it was wonderful to see so many students from other local schools, including Darrick Wood, Hayes School, Langley Park School for Boys and Townley Grammar.