OE Leonard Lovelock Celebrates his 100th Birthday

Leonard Lovelock, who was at Eltham College in the 1930s, celebrated his 100th birthday and the Development team went to his house in Eltham to congratulate him and admire his card from the Queen.

He is fit and well, looks a lot younger and it was lucky we caught him as he was off to Canada the following week to visit his son David, who is a mere 73. Leonard is pictured with his card from the Queen and his form photo when he was in the Sixth Form.

At Eltham College he took the equivalent of A levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and won a place to study Chemistry at University College London, which included a year on evacuation to Aberystwyth.  Then he spent his whole career working in Silvertown by the Thames, as a chemist with a telecommunications company, working his way up to Chief Chemist and travelling all over Europe and America.  He lived in the Eltham area all that time and in retirement and has been active all his life, particularly in music, gardening and the church.

He has two children, six grandchildren and nine great-grand-children, one of whom is already 25! Although it is over 80 years since he left Eltham College, he remembers the school fondly and can still name teachers and classmates from photographs.  In recent years he has been a regular attender at our Remembrance Day services, where he particularly remembers friends of his age who fell in the Second World War.

Since this article was published, Mr Lovelock sadly passed away in January 2021 at the age of 102. Our condolences to his family and friends, he will be fondly remembered here at Eltham College.