Parental Consent Terms and Conditions

  1. I have attended/read final trip letter and consent to my son/daughter/ward taking part in this visit. I agree to his/her participation in any or all of the activities described at the meeting. I consent to him/her being unsupervised where remote supervision is a planned part of the visit.
  2. I hereby indemnify the governors and any member of staff involved against:
  •  any claim made against them/him/her by a third party directly or indirectly arising out of any act or default of my son/daughter/ward and
  • any costs and expenses reasonably incurred and/or other sums disbursed by them/him/her on behalf of my son/daughter/ward during or as a result of the trip and
  • any loss to them/him/her arising from damage to or less of property or personal injury contributed to or caused by any act of default of my son/daughter/ward


  • that the indemnity shall not extend to any claim, damages, costs or expenses insofar as the governors or any member of staff shall be entitled to be indemnified under any policy of insurance and
  • that the member of staff shall not be shown to have acted negligently or irresponsibly.

3.  I acknowledge the need for responsible behaviour on my son/daughter’s part have read and agree to the code of conduct prescribed. I agree that at the discretion of the school my son/daughter/ward may be sent home at my expense if his/her behaviour fails to meet the standards required by the school and that I will be responsible for accompanied.

4. In the event of medical emergency, I hereby give my authority for the members of staff to take such action as maybe be responsible or necessary for the welfare of my child, including such actions as may be advised by qualified personnel i.e anesthesia and/or a blood transfusion.

5. I further five my consent for my child to receive paracetamol or antihistamine should they request this is the course of this trip.

6. I understand the extent and limitations of the insurance cover provided.